Hotel Abetone Ski Resort

The most popular ski resort in the Tuscan side of the Apennines, Abetone is a charming town full of possibilities both for sports and for shopping all year round.

A destination for tourism since ‘800, the village of Abetone was originally inhabited by loggers, ranchers and farmers: the current town began to develop when, given its location, it became a strategic outpost on the border with Modena.

The town, which is still surrounded by dense forests, boasts 45 km of slopes suitable for beginners and experts. They are equipped with modern lifts that allow skiers to move easily from one slope to another without ever taking your skis off.

In winter, thanks to the abundant snow that covers the ground, the most popular activities are undoubtedly skiing, snowboarding and snow walking.

In summer, however, those same slopes, now green, are exploited by the most reckless cyclists for adrenaline mountain bike rides.
Abetone becomes the perfect place for disciplines such as down-hill and all mountain.

Summer is also the perfect period for walks on the paths that reach the top of the Apennine peaks. From the mountain lodges, specially equipped for hikers, you can enjoy a 360 ° view of the mountains.


Welcome to Fiumalbo

Our hotel is located at about 1 km form the town of Fiumalbo, “Art City“ of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines recognized as such only recently thanks to the numerous churches and monuments.A great part of the territory surrounding the hotel is included in the Frignano Park, a large protected area spreading from the peaks to the valleys and hosting a lot of animal and vegetable species.
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Our hotel has 19 rooms, each one equipped with bathroom, tv and phone.
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Our hotel has a spacious restaurant with bar and a tobacco shop with fax service.
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Our farm rears beef cattle, breed Limousine, which boast an excellent quality of their meat.