Hiking at Cimone

The nature surrounding the Hotel Da Dario invites guests to go outside and explore the area.
The perfect activity to really appreciate the local scenery is definitely hiking along the paths of the area. The most scenic routes are those that climb up to the top of the mountain through forests and streams of clear water.
During the summer are organized many trips, both for experts and beginners, which allow you to visit the area with the help of qualified environmental guides. The chosen destinations for these walks are often natural wonders such as Lake Baccio, Lake Santo, Val di Luce and Forest of Doccia.
In winter the hiking activities on the trails are interrupted to make way for walks in the snow with the appropriate shoeing. During this time the trips are maintained at lower altitudes without ever climb to the tops of the mountains.



Welcome to Fiumalbo

Our hotel is located at about 1 km form the town of Fiumalbo, “Art City“ of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines recognized as such only recently thanks to the numerous churches and monuments.A great part of the territory surrounding the hotel is included in the Frignano Park, a large protected area spreading from the peaks to the valleys and hosting a lot of animal and vegetable species.

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Our hotel has 19 rooms, each one equipped with bathroom, tv and phone.

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Our hotel has a spacious restaurant with bar and a tobacco shop with fax service.

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Our farm rears beef cattle, breed Limousine, which boast an excellent quality of their meat.