Farm in Fiumalbo

Our farm is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in the area of Fiumalbo and raises cattle of Limousine breed, a species that has spread around the world thanks to the excellent quality of its meat.
Valuing breeding techniques getting a healthy and wholesome meat with natural methods and with safer food, justifies the commitment and energy all of us put in place to propose, to those who want to visit us, a steady growth of the agro-food world. Our goal is to offer a product that aims to high-quality content for customers who always felt more the need for greater certainty about the origin of the products.
Our farm is surrounded by a frame of mountains that offers fresh and uncontaminated pastures, where the animals are free to graze from April to September. The flourishing valleys, rich in herbs, improve the organoleptic quality of the meat. The calves are born, bred and fattened on these pastures exclusively with natural foods such as hay, barley, corn and soybeans.

The breed of cattle which we raise, the limousine, is a rustic beef breed that lives and reproduces very well on the mountain territory. It has a live fawn color, not too heavy, lighter on the belly, around the eyes and muzzle. It has a powerful structure, with fine bone structure and solid legs. The chest is broad and deep, the back and the broad back have highly developed muscles. Large muscle masses make up the thigh, which is long and convex. It is an early race, fertile, great health and sobriety; qualities that allow it to live in the pasture or stabulate in any climate. Rusticity, the gregarious animal character and morphological characteristics make the limousine an excellent grazer.

The cows are excellent nurses. Milk, high fat content, provides optimum weight of the calf growth.
The meat produced is excellent, with excellent organoleptic characteristics, lean, very fine fiber. Our selected mares, all with high pedigree and recorded the Herd Book, produce calves with exceptional features. The quality of our breeding males ensures the birth of rare beauty calves, which is the result of the treatment, of management decisions, the excellent characteristics of the environment in which they live and the attention given them.

Where climatic conditions are most favorable and the spring-summer grazing high mountain is rich and of great quality, the animals are free to graze at will and only when necessary is done by feeding fodder and other feed selected and certified, in accordance with the biological characteristics of the livestock.
While using natural fertilization with the bull, the breeding technique of our company allows us to focus the season of parties in the spring and summer. This is very important for newborn calves in the most delicate and difficult time of their lives. The herd, then, at the appropriate time will go to pasture, with calves in tow that suckle from their mothers at their leisure.

Not only the feeding reserved for the cattle of our breeding is high quality, but also the company structures and in particular shelters and stables, were done with criteria such as to ensure the welfare of animals during the winter. Such environments are maintained and cared for to ensure the hygiene and health of our animals also from the health point of view.

Mountain areas which frame the farm, they represent the right vocation for the breeding of this breed from which, with the experience, the skilled techniques and food choices, you get good results.
Proof of this is the remarkable quality of the meat that are proposed in the nearby hotel restaurant “by Dario” our property. The menu, carefully prepared, is expertly served in the great room overlooking the valley in a warm and welcoming environment. It is a source of pride for us to offer steaks from animals born and lived in our company, both for guaranteed freshness of the product, and because this gives the customer the security and certainty of origin.


Welcome to Fiumalbo

Our hotel is located at about 1 km form the town of Fiumalbo, “Art City“ of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines recognized as such only recently thanks to the numerous churches and monuments.A great part of the territory surrounding the hotel is included in the Frignano Park, a large protected area spreading from the peaks to the valleys and hosting a lot of animal and vegetable species.
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Our hotel has 19 rooms, each one equipped with bathroom, tv and phone.
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Our hotel has a spacious restaurant with bar and a tobacco shop with fax service.
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Our farm rears beef cattle, breed Limousine, which boast an excellent quality of their meat.