Football and Tennis at Cimone

Hotel Da Dario, for many years, has managed the municipal sports facilities located right across the street.
They are modern facilities equipped with locker rooms with showers available for the athletes before and after the use of the tennis court and the football field. The staff of Hotel Da Dario cares throughout the year to maintain full efficiency both sports facilities.
There are several teams that, over the years, have chosen the Hotel Da Dario for periods of retreat and training session ahead of important games. Often our hotel is also chosen as a venue for children’s summer camps dedicated to the sport.

For more information on the use of municipal sports facilities, write us or call us at the hotel.


Welcome to Fiumalbo

Our hotel is located at about 1 km form the town of Fiumalbo, “Art City“ of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines recognized as such only recently thanks to the numerous churches and monuments.A great part of the territory surrounding the hotel is included in the Frignano Park, a large protected area spreading from the peaks to the valleys and hosting a lot of animal and vegetable species.
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Our hotel has 19 rooms, each one equipped with bathroom, tv and phone.
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Our hotel has a spacious restaurant with bar and a tobacco shop with fax service.
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Our farm rears beef cattle, breed Limousine, which boast an excellent quality of their meat.